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ENJINIA : engineer (Japanese) transforms our clients' business with leaders and teams. We partner with organizations supporting their technical workforce needs. Our mission is to connect leaders with engineers aligned in purpose. accelerates the pace of innovation through the professional development, team alignment and skills training of our technical workforce. 


We provide career services and mentoring programs for the engineering community to keep our workforce competitive and advancing in a constantly evolving industry. are your technical resource professionals who work with hiring managers and HR teams to create clear, realistic plans for meeting your organizational needs. creates positive community engagements and lasting relationships with the engineering workforce. We understand our client's and candidate's technical gaps and provide personnel and services to level up those skillsets. 

Clients partner with to:

  • Change internal engineering culture

  • Value Map internal recruiting process

  • Build Engineering teams for Digital Transformations

  • Assess the current state of the workforce and provide Organization Management Plans

  • Find technical resource solutions. ie: Embedded SMEs, Staff Augmentation, Project Management 

We are NOT a:

  • Recruiting firm with a transactional business model pushing unqualified services

  • Sourcing solution of candidates off internet boards with keyword searches and no context 

  • Call Center of "entry level" recruiters reading scripts and meeting quotas

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