Enjinia.io was created to help organizations establish an engineering competitive edge by becoming the "Employer of Choice" in one of the most highly competitive talent markets. We help companies change their recruiting and hiring practices to effectively meet current demands. 

The technical workforce is available and seeking real opportunities. Unfortunately, most organizations have not changed process or systems to meet these new expectations. If you are not seeing the right technical talent in your candidate funnel, it's not because the candidate market is competitive... it's because you are not competitive to candidates.  

Enjinia.io will partner with you and your teams to gain a competitive advantage in the candidate market, create a more visible technical brand and attract highly desirable engineers. We will keep your business in front of the top technical talent.


When you partner with Enjinia.io, we help you to build a positive brand to make you competitive as an employer in an extremely competitive market. We understand how important your workforce is to your product, services and customers. If your workforce cannot compete, neither will your business. We help our clients align business needs with the right resource plan and strategy. 




David Fredricks 
Managing Director / Founder